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Kindred Crow is a Pagan Folk project featuring Irene Glasse (Cassandra Syndrome, Imbolc Fire, Revel Moon), Chris Kackley (Cassandra Syndrome, Imbolc Fire), percussionist Rachel Elizabeth, didgeridoo player Caine Dreamwalker, and late band member singer songwriter Kat Gray (Kat Savery, Twelve Days Dry).  Kindred Crow is an acoustic journey through mystery, magic, myth, and mirth: a little bit Celtic, a little bit Tribal, and a ton of fun.  Like their namesake, the Crows offer a musical mix that strikes a balance of compelling beauty, resonant storytelling, and more than a little bit of mischief.




Hail the Flock! It is with heartfelt fondness and deep gratitude that we announce a lineup change to Kindred Crow. TJ Roch’s soaring alto voice has been a welcome presence in the band throughout the last year and a half, and it is with great love that we bid them farewell from our lineup.  We wish TJ boundless luck, blessings, and support in their future endeavors. We are eternally grateful that our paths have crossed. 


Kindred Crow will begin auditioning altos as the pandemic allows. Until then, we will continue to write new material and polish the old. We can’t wait to see you when we can all gather again to make music, magick, and mischief together!  CAW!

26 - 31


Rites of Spring 43 Online



Free Spirit Gathering Online


One of our favorite shows of the year is our annual co-bill with the incredible performers of Luna Aerial Dance & Performing Arts.  The pandemic nixed our plans for 2020, but we found a workaround!  We recorded a live set, the performers at Luna recorded choreography, and Joe at Solarpunk Life kindly edited the videos together for us so we could play them for the Corvidae Craft Faire.  And now we'd like to share them with you! During December of 2020, new videos from the set will go up on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  All of the videos will be in the playlist Corvidae Craft Faire Set and can be watched as a single show.  The first song of the set, 'The Earth,' featuring Devin Gaither on trapeze, is below.


Katherine 'Kat' Gray, one of the original members of Kindred Crow, joined the Ancestors on December 7th, 2018, a warrior in the battle against brain cancer.  To mark the anniversary of her death, we would like to direct your attention to an album of her recordings.  These are all simple recordings that Kat made for her own reference or for friends and family.  This collection includes originals and, fittingly for this time of year, Yuletide songs from a set of holiday recordings she made for her husband and daughters.

The album is a donation download and all proceeds benefit River and Meadow Gray, Kat's daughters.  Part of why any artist creates art is to share something beautiful that will outlive us.  One of the best ways to honor Kat's memory is to listen to her music. Click here to listen.

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