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The Crow Crew

We are constantly humbled by the beloved community which has formed around us, and so many of you have reached out to ask us how you can support us even more. Most of our shows have no cover charge, and we want to keep it that way as much as possible. Our music is available to download for free.  But a band does have expenses, so in answer to your question, we have started a Patreon page.  A Patreon is a way for our community to help us make Kindred Crow even better -  to purchase new and better equipment, fill our gas tanks to get to shows, pay for recording studio time, professional photo and video shoots, order tshirts/tank tops/hoodies and so much more. 

In return, we're lining up a bunch of awesome rewards to thank you for your support, including exclusive access to some of our sillier moments, first-to-know announcements about upcoming events, and even some amazing personalized gifts from the Crows. You can choose how much or little you'd like to pledge to fit your budget.  Join the Crow Crew here.

Our Beloved Friends

Lynn M.
Cat B. Sz.
Diana H.
Carol J.
Debra Y.
Liz Lewis
Om Dog
Debra S.
Karl M.
Lanna L. M.
House Kil'ndar
Scott M.
Tim P.
Annie H.
Devin G.
Enfys B.
Jenny W.
Joe H.

Raven R.
R. Rose C.
Sabrina S.
Maureen K.
Bella B.
Gwen W.
Kathleen M.
Liz P.
Michelle B.
Niall S.
Ruth D.
Stephanie A.
Traci H.

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